Careers by Major

Careers By Major

Whether you are exploring a variety of potential majors, or searching for information about your chosen field, this page will help you connect majors to careers. While understanding that your job search essentially begins the day you begin your college program, Career Services strives to provide all students resources they need in order to have a successful job search campaign; saving time and frustration.

Careers by Major can help you learn about typical career areas in each major; areas graduates of Post University have gone on to pursue. You can research the latest salary information, strategies, and associations that provide networking opportunities so you can become well informed and a more marketable candidate.

By having access to a variety of research options you are more equipped to make better career choices and conduct a more effective career search. The right career is out there for everyone. Start your journey here by exploring those options.

Click on any major to discover the following information: Job Titles, Job Search Engines, Research Resources, Salary Information and Associations.

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