Employers - Connect with Candidates

. Get Involved – Connect with Student Candidates

There are many ways you can connect with student candidates, contribute to your community and the university, and benefit yourself, personally and professionally. Contact careerdev@post.edu for inquiries.

  • Mentoring a student can be a great way to get your company name known and give back to your community as well as potentially get to know and train a future employee. Mentoring need not take up a great deal of your time. Besides face-to-face meetings, you can choose to use other forms of communication with your mentee such as emails, texts, phone conversations, or Skype meetings.
  • Participate in a Career Services student event where business partners mingle with, give advice, or answer student questions such as a panel discussion event.
  • Present a workshop on a relevant career related topic to a broader student audience. Develop a relationship with a Faculty member, create a power point presentation and present in a workshop to a student audience who is studying relevant subjects to your business.
  • Be a guest speaker in a class, an academic club, or a campus event. Share your career path experience; an interesting situation, current events, or changes occurring in your field; share tips about getting promotions, life-work balance, or any other practical work related topic; give a “primer” presentation on an academic topic related to your business.
  • Provide Job Shadow opportunities to students for a work day or more. Select an area of your business that you are comfortable with demonstrating and teaching to a student and that would be valuable for the student or a future employee to see with first hand experience.
  • Teach an online class in your discipline. Expand your experiential horizons, broaden your career and business network, learn new technologies and gain new knowledge. Your next employee may be one of your star students.