Employers - FAQs


What are the recruiting options at Post University?

There are several recruiting options available to employers at Post University including posting internships and jobs on the Post University Career Services Facebook job board Post*ential Jobs,  holding a Job Fair on campus, and connecting with student candidates through various venues.  Review the options in detail here

What is an internship?

An internship is experiential learning while working for an employer in the student’s major field of study for 120 hours. Human Services majors may require more hours. It is also a three credit course in the major with an assigned faculty. It allows a student to experience the world of work in their major and it also allows the employer to assess a student as a potential future employee. The employer’s supervisor assigns relevant projects to the student intern and provides routine feedback.

How do I post an internship or job at Post University?

Post University’s Career Services job board Post*ential Jobs is located on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/PostUniversityCareerServices An employer needs to register with our job board and then post their open positions. For detailed information regarding this process, please read Post a Position.

How do I register for a Job Fair at Post University?

For on-campus recruiting and to register for a Job Fair, contact Christina Billings, Associate Director of Career Services, Employer Relations and Student Careers, at cbillings@post.edu or 203-591- 7467. A photo of your Job Fair recruiting table will be posted on our Facebook page. See Register for a Job Fair for more details.

Are third party recruiters allowed to post jobs on our job board Post*ential Jobs?

If third party recruiters charge students for their services, they are not allowed to post jobs on the Post University Career Services job board Post*ential Jobs.

What job postings are prohibited?

Jobs which are not acceptable for posting are: commission only internship positions; jobs requiring an investment or fee payment by the student prior to employment; jobs in which the student new hire pays a portion of their commission to staff as a financial incentive for recruiting them; jobs which are discriminatory.

What are the qualifications of a student doing an internship?

Post university requires that a student be at least Junior status and have a minimum GPA 2.5. The internship must be appropriate for the student’s major.

When is an intern considered an unpaid volunteer?

The Department of Labor regulations define “volunteer” as someone providing services to a public agency for civic, humanitarian, or charitable reasons without the expectation of being paid for services rendered. An intern at a for-profit company does not fit this definition.

How do I determine if an internship is to be paid or unpaid?

The employer needs to adhere to the US Department of Labor guidelines in determining whether an internship is to be paid or unpaid. http://www.dol.gov/whd/regs/compliance/whdfs71.pdf

Can I hire an international student for an internship or a job?

International students with F-1 Visas may work a paid or unpaid internship in their major before graduation. They may not work a paid part-time job off campus before graduation. After graduation, an F-1 Visa student may work a paid position in their field of major for 12 months. The student is responsible for applying for Optional Practical Training (OPT) and receiving permission from the Federal government before the first day of work.