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. Welcome employers!

Post University’s Career Services offers you access to our online Facebook job board Post*ential Jobs for all your recruiting requirements!

Whether you have a short-term need, are seeking an intern, looking for assistance on a seasonal project, or a need for a part-time or full-time addition to your growing organization, you can post the positions on our Facebook online job board to assist you in your search.

Employer Guide for Posting Internships and Jobs

If you are an employer who would like to post internships or jobs on our Facebook job board and have your job description on hand, it is a very simple process to post a position. Login to Facebook using either your company Facebook page or your personal Facebook page. Do not worry about using your personal login, this will not post to the wall on your personal page. If you do not have a Facebook page to login to, then send an email to CareerDev@post.edu and you will be sent a short form to complete with your job description and we will enter the job for you.

  1. Click the Post*ential Jobs tile on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/PostUniversityCareerServices
  2. Click “Post New Job” button
  3. Enter Company Information:
    • Facebook URL if you have a company Facebook page
    • Company name
    • Company industry
    • Company description
    • Company logo (optional)
  4. Enter Job Information:
    • Title
    • Description
    • Responsibilities
    • References
    • Location (city, state)
    • Country
    • Contract type – part time job, full time job, internship, temporary other (use this for summer or project)
    • Category  - select from drop down menu
    • Application routing (receive application by): email or company URL (You can also post specifics about how to apply for the job in the description section)
  5. Click post the job and you are done!

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