Career Planning Time Line: Freshmen Year


  • Study, learn, and focus on your GPA from day one. We cannot over emphasize the importance of your GPA to employers. Ensure that the GPA you graduate with in four years will support you in getting the job of your dreams. Develop strong study and time management skills.
  • Apply for a library bar code to access library databases from off-campus. Email a librarian at with name, address, phone number, and student status. Prepare for four years of serious study to yield a future career when you graduate.
  • Use the five online library tutorials on how to access and use the library resources for main campus students and online students. The online library tutorials are located under helpful links.
  • Main Campus students:
    • Take Career Self Awareness required course CSA101
    • See the Learning Center or the Writing Center at North 116 for course work assistance and tutoring or email the University Learning/Writing Center at
    • In English 110 pay attention to the two sessions on Basic Library Instruction and Evaluating Website Resources. This will be foundational for your four years of study.
  • Online students:
    • Take Learning Across The Life Span required course CSS101
    • Visit 7 x 24 "" for course work assistance and tutoring. To login to Post's account go to the Blackboard home page, select the tab at the top "Academic Support & Policies" and then

Career Planning

  • Use your Post email DAILY. Career Services sends emails to your Post email address announcing: internships, part-time jobs, summer jobs, full-time jobs, on and off campus events, workshops, and career fairs.
  • Stop by Career Services at North 103 and check out our bulletin board with postings for internships, part-time/summer/full-time jobs and career fairs.
  • Visit the Career Services website Careers By Major tab and explore the careers in the major you have chosen including salary information.
  • Research companies you are interested in at for their jobs, salaries, interview process, and hiring cycle.
  • At GradSense, you can plan ahead and explore salaries by occupation, evaluate job offers, and calculate your chosen degree to see what it would be worth once you transition into a career.
  • Career ZoneGo to Career Zone and estimate what kind of salary you will need to support the lifestyle you want. While this is a California site, choose Sacramento as it has the same cost of living as Hartford, CT
  • Attend Career Services workshops or online webinars.

Extra-curricular Activities

  • Join on-campus student clubs to get involved in their projects, learn new skills, and gain valuable experience to build your résumé.
  • Participate in academic clubs related to your major and/or career interests to begin developing your future career network.
  • Volunteer for community services for personal development and to demonstrate your character and involvement in the community at large.
  • Participating in sports is also a great learning experience and contributes to your résumé.