Internship FAQs


What is an internship?

An internship is experiential learning while working for an employer in your major field of study. It is also a three credit course in your major with an assigned faculty. To participate in an internship a student must secure an internship site and register for the internship course. It allows a student to experience the world of work in their major and it also allows the employer to assess a student as a potential future employee. The onsite portion of an Internship is working 120 hours, except for Human Services practicums. Please consult with the Academic Program Manager of Human Services for whether your practicums requires 120 or 180 hours each.

What are the requirements to be eligible to participate in an internship?

The university eligibility requirements to participate in an internship are minimum junior status and a minimum GPA of 2.5. Check your major for course prerequisites for the internship course. Also, the student must be able to provide their own transportation to the internship site.

Why should I participate in an internship?

An internship allows the student to experience real work in their major field of study. An internship may also lead to a full time job offer after graduation with the interning employer. Completing an internship allows a student to demonstrate real work experience in their major on their resume. This provides an advantage when applying for an entry-level job upon graduation.

Am I required to do an internship?

While participating in an internship is encouraged for all students, there are some majors which require a student to participate in internship/practicum experiences and register for a 3 credit internship course. Speak with the Academic Program Manager for your major to determine whether you are required to complete an internship in your major.

How many internships can a student do?

The university policy states that students at Post University are limited to applying no more than six credits of Internship/Practicum towards earning a Bachelor degree.  Only in cases where an academic program’s curriculum requires a student to have earned a specified number of internship/practicum hours (that exceed six credits) in order to meet regulatory requirements, or in extraordinary cases where the Dean believes more than six credits of internship/practicum is appropriate, may the Dean of the school in which the student is a member waive the six credit restriction. 

What time of year can I do an internship?

Internships can be part time, 15-20 hours a week, anytime of the year or full time during the summer. Internships are generally 120-180 hours. Check with your Academic Program Manager for the requirement in your major. Since an internship is a three credit course, you will need to complete the Internship Eligibility Form and register for the course before add/drop day of the semester or module in which you intend to take the internship course.

What is the process to acquire an internship?

Start at least three months prior to when you want to take your internship course. First, prepare your resume for the competitive search process. Contact Career Services to use the Post online resume builder and have Career Services review your resume. When your resume is buffed and polished you are ready to look for an internship in your major. Career Services will assist you in this process or you can use your own contacts and secure an internship yourself. Once you have an internship site, you are ready to apply to register for the internship course.

What is the process to register for an internship course?

Once you have your internship site with an internship in your major, you need to complete the “Internship Eligibility Form” which can be found on You must acquire the five required signatures in order to register for the internship course. The student completes the form, except for the instructor’s name which will be filled in by the Academic Program Manager. The required reviews and signatures are Academic Advisor, Academic Program Manager, Career Services, Provost, and finally the Registrar who enrolls the student in the internship course.

Can I use my job for an internship?

A student’s current paid job cannot be used as an internship site for a three credit internship course. The purpose of an internship is to give the student a new work experience in their major field of study. A student’s job would not fulfill this requirement for a three credit internship course.

Can I get internship credit for last summer’s job?

A student needs to take their internship course at the same time that they are actively working at their internship position. In this way, the internship course faculty can interact with the student during the internship and the student can complete the classroom portion of the internship course which working at the internship position. Students may not sign up for an internship course using a job that is in the past.

Where does Post University list internship openings?

Internships positions available are emailed to students at their email addresses as well as posted on the Career Services Bulletin Board outside the Career Services Center at North Hall Room 103.