Internship Guide

The Internship Guidelines below will help you get started in securing an internship.

If you already have contacted the office of Career Services about an internship, the next step is to fill out either the Main Campus Internship Eligibility Form for Main Campus students, the ADP Internship Eligibility Form for ADP students, and the International Students Internship Eligibility Form for international students.

Internship Guidelines

Internships are part-time, temporary jobs that offer students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience within an organization. Internships are typically similar to entry-level positions that give students a taste of what they may experience when joining the workforce after graduation. The experience usually either confirms your choice of career or helps you realize that you should seek an alternative career goal.

Internships are most commonly performed for credit and many are paid, depending on the organization’s internship policies. Upon completion, many companies have offered our students full-time work upon graduation.


  • Apply for internships one semester before starting work
  • Complete CSA200 (ADP Students should contact their advisor)
  • Achieve a minimum GPA 2.5
  • Secure a site by Drop/Add deadline
  • Meet with your academic advisor
    • Determine your needs for securing a site
    • Review your schedule to see what times you are available during the week
    • Plan on 10-20 hours per week
    • Ensure you can perform the work and have enough time for classes, studies and other work if applicable
    • Secure transportation between school/home and site
    • Prepare paperwork for class registration (course description and number)
  • Identify organizations (sites) you wish to target. Prepare résumé and Cover Letter for desired position.
    • Send copies to Career Service to review and adjust if necessary
    • Prepare for interview; visit Career Services to review
  • Meet with professor to get site approval and syllabus
  • Fill out Internship/Coop Eligibility form get all authorized signatures
  • Register for class (internship/practicum).
  • Receive Internship Packet from Career Services and review information

Contact Career Service with any questions at 203.596.4504 or