Internship Guidelines

The Internship program is intended to be win-win opportunity for both our students and the companies that hire them.  Our students are engaged in courses of study focused on preparing them for careers so they not only will contribute to your organization, but gain valuable work experience.   To promote a We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions about this program.  We also have developed some guidelines for ensuring the internship is a mutually beneficial experience:

  1. An Internship assignment must provide a learning experience in an area that complements the student’s field of study.  The student should be regarded as a regular employee with respect to conditions of work.  Pay should be commensurate with the assigned responsibilities, and is usually 20% less than entry-level. The Internship student is not eligible for unemployment benefits. Unpaid internships are accepted; however, the amount of students applying generally decreases. Most of our students have to work and an unpaid, part-time position may not be realistic for many.
  2. The employer should provide job training and supervision.  The student should have an orientation to company rules and expectations.
  3. The position must be budgeted to last the duration of the assignment, which is minimally between 90 and 120 hours, depending on the academic program.  It can extend beyond the minimal hours at the employer’s discretion and agreement with the student.
  4. The coordinator of the program or faculty member should be permitted to conduct a site visit at your convenience.
  5. If a student’s performance is unsatisfactory, the employer should contact the Career Services office in an attempt to resolve any problems before termination is considered.
  6. The supervisor and student will each be sent an evaluation form and earnings worksheet, which should be completed and returned to the Career Services office by the date specified.  Students will have previously signed an agreement to release the pay rate and gross wages information to Post University.
  7. Students deemed qualified to fill the posted position are referred to you under the provision that you, as the employer, make the hiring decision.  In no way does Post University act as an agent of its students or take responsibility for their actions or consequences of those actions while employed through the Internship program.