Internship Guidelines


Internships are part-time, temporary jobs that offer students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience within an organization. Internships are typically similar to entry-level positions that give students a taste of what they may experience when joining the workforce after graduation. The experience usually either confirms your choice of career or helps you realize that you should seek an alternative career goal. Upon completion, companies may offer students full-time work upon graduation.

Internships are three credit courses with a classroom component and a work component. Some are paid, depending on the organization’s internship policies. Locating an internship in your major is much like the job search process. The student needs to prepare a resume and in many instances a cover letter. Then the job search for the internship begins and it is competitive.

  • Minimum Junior status.
  • Minimum GPA 2.5
  • Course pre-requisites in your major. Check with your Academic Program Manager.
  • Maximum 6 credits of internships toward earning a Bachelor degree.
  • Internship in your major.
  • Transportation between school/home and internship site.
  • Begin one semester before you wish to start working your internship.
  • Create an account on the Post University Career Services’ Online Career Tool
  • Prepare your resume. Use the online resume builder and submit for review to Career Services.
  • Prepare an outlined cover letter. Use the online cover letter builder and submit for review to Career Services.
  • Meet with your Academic Advisor
    • Review your schedule to see what times you are available during the week
    • Plan on 10-20 hours per week
    • Ensure you can perform the work and have enough time for classes, studies and other work if applicable
  • Search for and apply for an internship: Use your network and contact Career Services.
  • Prepare for your interview; use the online mock interview tool and visit Career Services to discuss.

    Secure an internship site before Drop/Add deadline. Students must be registered for the internship course at the same time as they are working the internship.
Apply for Eligibility

Fill out the appropriate Internship Eligibility Form

Acquire all authorizing signatures. The last signature is the Registrar who will then register you for the internship course.

Have a wonderful internship! Learn and enjoy!

Please Note:

INTERNSHIP/PRACTICUM LIMITATION POLICY: To ensure students at Post University have the opportunity to gain “real world” work experiences, but also to ensure that students pursue and successfully complete their academic studies, students at Post University will be limited to applying no more than six credits of Internship /Practicum towards earning a Bachelor degree.  Only in cases where an academic program’s curriculum requires a student to have earned a specified number of internship/practicum hours (that exceed six credits) in order to meet regulatory requirements, or in extraordinary cases where the Dean believes more than six credits of internship/practicum as appropriate, may the Dean of the school in which the student is a member waive the six credit restriction.  Students may only perform Internships /Practicum within their declared major(s) unless waived in writing by the Dean of their school.