What is an internship?

Internships are short- term work experiences in your major that allow you to observe and participate in professional work environments and explore how your interests relate to possible careers. Students will choose an internship based on their major field of study. Internships can offer students an opportunity to increase their skills and work with other colleagues in the same industry.

Why participate in an internship?

In a 2011 survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), 86% of surveyed companies claimed that they use internships to recruit college students for future employment. According to the same survey, 39% of new hires came from within internship programs and almost 67% of interns were offered full- time jobs at the completion of their internships.

Internships have become a vital tool for gaining valuable work experience before graduation and securing a full-time position in the field of your choice after graduation.  They help answer that age-old question, “How can I get a job that requires experience if no one will give me a job without having experience?” 

Internships are paid or unpaid positions at a company where students can gain valuable experience and build their résumés.  Talk to your Academic Advisor and Academic Program Manager about how an internship in your major would fit in with your academic courses and contribute to your learning. Contact Career Services about internship opportunities, it’s the perfect time to get started! 

Take a look at our Internship Guidelines for Students to learn more about how to get started.