As partners in helping your student achieve his or her career and life goals, parents play an integral role in career development.  Most students turn to their family for advice in the career decision making process and we encourage you to take an active part in assisting your son or daughter.

Career Services sponsors many events throughout the year, including résumé and cover letter workshops, career fairs, mock interviews, and various networking events.   Please encourage your student to attend our programs early and often.

Like many parents, you may be unsure how to best help your student with career issues.  Here are some specific ways in which you can be supportive of your student:

Encourage them to visit a Career Counselor as soon as their Freshman year.  We want to get to know students as early as possible, introduce them to the array of resources and activities we offer to guide them through the career development process at Post.

Engage your student in conversations about his academic and career interests.   Get your student talking about what excites him.  Be supportive of new interests and ideas.  Encourage him to visit Career Services for more information about careers in specific fields.

Encourage your student to get internship experience.   According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, over 75% of employers prefer to hire students with relevant work experience.  Internship experience is almost becoming a requirement now for post-graduate employment.  The good news is that 77% of employers hire their past interns upon graduation.

Be supportive throughout the internship application process.  Often internships are a student’s first step in her professional career.  This can be exciting, but it can also produce stress and anxiety.

Help your student with the networking process.  Help your student make connections to individuals in your family, social, professional, and community networks.  Encourage your student to talk with these contacts about their careers and ask for their advice and insight in her own career search.

Be patient with the full-time job search upon graduation.  The full-time job search is a full-time job.  While at Post, your student has access to invaluable job search resources, but it is not uncommon for a student to graduate without a job.  Don’t panic.  Post University resources continue to be available to your student and we find most students secure full-time employment within months of graduation.

****We highly recommend that parents do not contact employers on behalf of their children.  While the intention is good, this seriously damages the perception of your child’s maturity, initiative, and communication skills with employers and will likely negate employment efforts.

Providing Opportunities

Do you work for an organization that would benefit from the work of a Post University Intern?   To learn more about Post’s Internship Program, please contact Dr. Mary O. Rigali, PMP, Director of Career Services, at, or via telephone at 203.596.4504.