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Ai Dee Wong ChanAi Dee Wong Chan

Master of Business Administration

Hometown: New York City

Favorite Thing About Post University:
Is the level of independent learning permitted by most instructors and the practical direction of learning. By nature, I prefer an academic perspective on business issues, and the real-world direction of learning at Post requires me to go beyond theory into the realm of practice. The ability to complete readings and assignments at my own pace is the second favorite thing about the school. I find that information and learning can percolate in my head over several days even if I stay away from the discussion boards. The learning opportunities are literally 24/7.

Like to Thank:
I would like to thank several people such as Dr. Brown, Dr. Halstead, Dr. Chadukiewicz, Dr. Shiffman and Dr. Goldman. All exemplify the high standards for teaching and pedagogy found in the faculty.

Age: 33

Are you a first-generation college graduate? No

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