Employee Testimonials


Paul Anthony Paniccia

“The University is constantly evolving, which opens the door for many opportunities to shine and grow.”


Admissions Counselor-OEI
Employed since March 2012
B.S. in International Management, Post University (3 yrs. at Central CT State, B.S. in HR Management)

I was a Senior Retail Sales Consultant for AT&T here in Waterbury when my best friend, Andrew DePaolo, who is the Registrar Coordinator for the Online Education Institute at Post, recommended this job to me. At first, I was really reluctant, because I had withdrawn from my former school in order to accept more responsibilities at AT&T. But after learning more about the job and the University, I felt differently. My decision to apply, interview, and eventually accept the job, was an easy one knowing how advanced Post is in the industry and weighing in the benefits of being an employee here.

The biggest thing for me is being able to take classes here at Post for literally next to nothing, thanks to the Tuition Assistance benefit for employees. I always wanted to finish my degree, and now I have the opportunity to without having to sacrifice my work schedule or family time. Also, the University is constantly evolving, which opens the door for many opportunities to shine and grow. Currently, I am training new counselors on the admissions systems as well as enrolling new students. It’s a lot of fun to teach excited Admissions Counselors on how the day-to-day systems work and how it will make them successful.

I view my role at Post as being the voice of the University. From initial inquiry to registered for class and beyond, I make first contact with prospective students and make sure that they are as informed and comfortable as possible while submitting documents to the University and eventually, logging in to class.

Every day is interesting because no two students have the same story. They come from all over the place, and some have a lot of wild stories. They are all united by one common goal, achieving their degree at Post University. They all have that motivation factor to attend classes and graduate, to better themselves and others. I am honored to be a part of that. The people that we deal with – students, co-workers and superiors – make this job. It is an exciting place to work at and at a very exciting time!

Mike Greer

“I am very proud of the direction that this University is going, and anyone that can jump on board is in for a great ride.”


Director of Tuition Planning
Employed since June 2009
B.A. in Actuarial Science, Central Connecticut State University

I started working at Post straight out of college. During all four of my years at CCSU, I had worked as a student worker in the financial aid office. Before I graduated from CCSU, I knew that I was not ready to get a job in the field of actuarial science, so I started to look for jobs that I had experience in, which included the tuition planner position at Post.

I was hired as a front-end tuition planner and worked with a lot of students to begin their educational dreams with us. Many of those students are still enrolled here today. Now that I am director, they are not on my case load; however a few will still call. Talking to them and seeing them earn good grades and eventually graduate is very rewarding. To know that I was able to help a person realize their dream and improve their life is unbelievable. I have attended every graduation ceremony since I have been hired here, because it is the symbol of the success of my department, and this University.

As the Director of Tuition Planning, it is my job to manage, and more importantly, lead the tuition planners. When students have an issue that seems unsolvable, or a concern that is preventing them from starting, I pride myself on being able to find the solution no one else has thought of.

I take great joy in leading my team of 19 employees to greatness module after module. Managing them is easy – they almost manage themselves.

Leading them is the challenge. Keeping morale high, and the team motivated, and all focused on the same goals of this University is very enjoyable. Having my team turn around and attribute their own success to my leadership is a feeling beyond comparison.

I work for a great company that cares about me, and a have great manager in Veronica Montalvo. My team of tuition planners (even those I did not hire) truly functions as a family. They care for each other and cover for each other; every day we are laughing about something new. While I am rewarded by our successful students, it is my coworkers that I enjoy the most about this job. From our shuttle bus drivers to our front desk staff to the senior management team, I greatly enjoy that they all know me and I know them. When I walk past them in the hall it is not the impersonal, “Hey, how’s it going?” but rather a greeting with personal questions that we actually care to know the answers to. And that level of comfort and caring about each other is what makes this job so enjoyable.

Lastly, the pace at which the University has grown while I have been here has provided an incredible opportunity for growth. That is, by far, the best benefit this organization offers that my other college friends do not have with the jobs they are now working. Additionally, the phenomenal health care package Post offers is great. And to have such great healthcare for the past three years and not have the premiums increase is even more insanely awesome.

I would highly recommend any position at Post to a friend. I am very proud of the direction that this University is going, and anyone that can jump on board is in for a great ride. As the University grows, it is creating positions to address needs before they become concerns. And that provides a great opportunity for job seekers.

Gina Tricarico

“It’s incredibly rewarding to hear the various ‘thank-yous’ and stories of success from students”


Director of OEI Graduate Admissions
Employed since 2010
MBA, American International College
B.S. in Accounting, University of New Haven

Before joining Post, I was an auditor and staff accountant. This was my major in college, and what I thought I aspired to do. It wasn’t long until I realized that the corporate structure didn’t fit my personality and I started considering a career change. I went back to school to get my MBA, and ended up really enjoying the graduate higher education experience – so much so that I decided I wanted to combine my new business knowledge with the higher education field.

Post’s Admissions Counselor position immediately appealed to me because I was drawn to the idea of helping people validate themselves and reach their goals through education, especially since my own education helped me envision where I wanted to take my career. I learned about the impressive growth and expansion that Post was undergoing, and I knew right away that I wanted to be a part of it.

Thus, I joined the Post team as an Admissions Counselor for the Online Education Institute (OEI) in March of 2010. Within two years I was promoted to Assistant Director of OEI Graduate Admissions. Having this new role and responsibilities presented to me was amazing! It was great to realize the opportunity for growth, and to see that I had proven myself within a short time.

As the Director of OEI Graduate Admissions, I manage the admissions team’s day-to-day operations to ensure we’re playing a critical role in helping to change students’ lives through education. We reach out to individuals who express an interest in returning to school, inform them of the different options available to them, and guide them on the next step in achieving their educational goals. It’s incredibly rewarding to hear the various ‘thank-yous’ and stories of success from students once they’ve decided on a program that’s right for them. I also find it very rewarding to see my staff succeed and grow personally, and to see them really flourish in their positions.

The work environment at Post is extremely positive and happy, and you have the opportunity to connect with your colleagues – not to mention people all over the country who you would never have the opportunity to get to know otherwise. Personally, I’ve also found the ability to collaborate with other departments beneficial and have really expanded on my communication and leadership skills as a result. Flexibility, a sense of community, and a variety of social events throughout the year are just a few other perks of working for Post.

If my experience sounds like something that might be a good fit for you, I would say absolutely apply!

Joanna Fontaine

“I enjoy working at Post because not only are we a team, but we are also a family.”


Admissions Counselor-OEI
Employed since June 2011
B.S. in Business Management – Entrepreneurship, Post University (in pursuit)

Before joining the team at Post, I was working as a Team Leader for a call center located in the same building as Post’s OEI admissions office. I would run into Veronica Montalvo, Vice President of OEI Enrollment, on a regular basis. One day she finally said, “Joanna, you need to come over to Post!” She explained the job to me, and her positivity and passion about Post caught my attention immediately. It was a no-brainer for me to quit my other job and join Post.

Here at Post it is my job to help students succeed by continuing their higher education. It is so rewarding to be able to put smiles on my students’ faces and to be part of their support teams. I enjoy working at Post because not only are we a team, but we are also a family. Everyone is always there for each other and very helpful. We are all passionate about what we do.

As a Post employee I am also able to receive a discount on my classes using the tuition benefits. By taking classes, I am not only able to work towards earning my degree, but also relate better when talking to my students. Going through online courses for the first time myself, I’m learning just like they are. Now I’m able to better explain how the classes run and how the navigation works.

I have had people I know inquire about employment with Post, and I say to them, and would say to anyone who asked, “It’s the best place to work and the people you work with are amazing. Everyone is there to help and see you succeed. This by far, has been my most favorite job.”

Donna Smith

“I continue to find my roles here at the University extremely educational, challenging, and exciting.”


Risk Management Administrator/Executive Assistant to the CAO
Employed since 1988
B.S. in General Studies, Post University

My name is Donna Smith, and I am the Risk Management Administrator and Executive Assistant to the CAO at Post University. Come May 2013, I will have been with the University for 25 years. I have worked for Post during four different major leadership transitions which have always been exciting, required a lot of hard work, and provided plentiful learning experiences.
Prior to coming to Post, I worked in a company called General DataComm, where I last served as Executive Secretary to the Treasurer. At that time, I was enrolled in evening business courses at Post College (the University’s name at the time) and learned about a Secretary to the Dean of College Advancement position that piqued my interest. I was able to hit the ground running and have never looked back!

My role has regularly progressed over the years to suit the growth of the University. I continue to find my roles here at the University extremely educational, challenging, and exciting. Imagine working in an environment full of life and fun and knowing that the work you do makes a difference to someone’s educational experience. Post University is that kind of organization!

There are many opportunities Post University offers its employees, such as tuition assistance for their education. I am proud to say that I took advantage of both on-campus and online education benefits. Another opportunity I will always treasure is having been selected to join the Leadership Greater Waterbury (LGW) Class of 2012 as a Post representative. I learned what it takes to be a leader, and how to create and execute a plan as a team to make positive changes in one’s community.

Post University is a great place for great minds to develop their careers, no matter what role you fulfill.  The morale of employees is energetic and positive; everyone cares about other departments’ missions and purpose, and understands that we need to work together to help students reach their full potential. The University’s administration truly cares about students’ progress, as well as its employees. I am extremely fortunate and honored to be a Post University employee.