Bachelor of Science in Accounting Degree Program

Program Outcomes

  1. Students will explain and apply the theory and practice of accounting.

  2. Students will determine and apply knowledge of relevant professional standards (to include but not limited to GAAP and IFRS) and the regulatory environment in the financial reporting and audit of U.S. and multinational business entities.

  3. Students will prepare and interpret financial statements for business, non-profit and government entities.

  4. Students will develop and evaluate accounting and business information by using analytical and critical thought processes to support internal and external decision making.

  5. Students will demonstrate and apply knowledge of tax laws for tax reporting and compliance purposes and its effects on financial reporting.

  6. Students will identify and evaluate the ethical issues, principles, and practices that affect the business and accounting environments and utilize the appropriate professional models.

  7. Students will demonstrate an understanding of current technologies related to accounting information development, audit, and analysis.

  8. Students will examine and apply ethical and professional behaviors to contemporary business situations.

  9. Students will communicate professionally with skills essential to success in the business environment.