Bachelor of Science in
Business Administration/Marketing Degree Program

Program Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate a sound theoretical foundation in the practices and methods of business in the current competitive environment.

  2. Students will develop an ability to integrate concepts from various business disciplines and apply those concepts in the formulation of solutions to complex business issues and problems.

  3. Students will possess a variety of qualitative and quantitative analytical skills appropriate to practical business situations demonstrated through mechanisms described above.

  4. Students will become adept at problem solving through the use and application of interdisciplinary methods.

  5. Students will be practiced and skilled in the use of Information Technology and systems and its applications in modern business procedures. This competency will be displayed through the use of hardware and software applications in the development of upper level (300-400) coursework products.

  6. Students will possess the research skills and experience to further both individual and organizational growth as evidenced by performance in upper level course work.

  7. Students will possess the interpersonal and teamwork skills necessary to succeed in modern business environments. The primary measure will be performance in the practice of these skills in group and individual projects and presentations.

  8. Students will have practiced and demonstrated an understanding of the concepts and methods of business decision making, particularly under conditions of uncertainty.

  9. Students will develop a global perspective as it relates to the function of business in an increasingly multicultural and multinational business environment.

  10. Students will examine and apply ethical and professional behaviors to contemporary business situations 11. Students will communicate professionally with skills essential to success in the business environment.