Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
Degree Program

Program Outcomes

  1. Students will examine the structure of the American Criminal Justice System, including, but not limited to identifying and demonstrating an understanding of the branches of government, their functions and how they interrelate with juvenile and adult proceedings

  2. Students will be able to describe the nature of criminal law and its derivative in Common Law analyze and apply the U.S. Constitution (Bill of Rights) to contemporary issues in criminal justice

  3. Students will be able to assess theories relating to the causation of crime and criminal activity and identify the categories of crimes, penalties and their defenses

  4. Students will develop and demonstrate leadership in analyzing vital issues of concern within their field

  5. Students will be able to compare and contrast the foundations of American criminal law and demonstrate how they translate to modern day criminal law

  6. Students will be able to distinguish and identify discretion in the context of a criminal justice professional and demonstrate an understanding of ethical and professional responsibility

  7. Students will develop and demonstrate effective communication on a college level to write and articulate criminal justice principles in the field

  8. Students will be able to explain the role and function of law enforcement, including municipal police, the county sheriff, local agencies, state and federal law enforcement, public and private security industry

  9. Students will be able to understand the purpose and function of probation, parole and imprisonment

  10. Students will be able to identify, analyze, evaluate, and apply research-based techniques to complex issues facing criminal justice practitioners