Master of Science in Human Services with a concentration in Clinical Counseling within organizational settings


  1. Students will demonstrate competency in the theories of human development, family therapy, and group dynamics.

  2. Students will identify the conditions that promote or inhibit human functioning.

  3. Students will demonstrate the skills and knowledge necessary to acquire, manage, and analyze information.

  4. Students will demonstrate knowledge and skill in the systematic analysis of services needs; planning appropriate strategies, services and implementation; and evaluation of outcomes.

  5. Students will apply the principles of direct service delivery and appropriate interventions to various clinical settings.

  6. Students will further develop interpersonal skills to effectively work with a wide variety of clients and clinical

  7. Students will explore core counseling and basics tenets in the field of human services including confidentiality,

    professional boundaries, ethical standards, and multicultural competencies.

  8. Students will develop and demonstrate awareness of their own values, personalities, reaction patterns, interpersonal styles, and limitations in addition to learning about ethical and multicultural aspects applicable in the field of human services.

  9. Students should complete a field experience that is integrated with the curriculum.