At Post University we are serious about our students' health. Our Health Services office is staffed by two registered nurses and the University physician is available on a weekly basis.
Our medical staff is here to provide students with access to:

  • Onsite medical care
  • Education and information related to health and wellness
  • Access to information on other health specialists and facilities near campus

Students wishing to make individual appointments with our physician should do so through the Health Services Office.

Health Services can be reached at

Phone: 203.596.4503
Fax: 203.596.4542

The Health Services Office is conveniently located in East Hall Annex and is open Monday through Friday during the academic year. Summer hours and semester break hours are posted well in advance.

Click here to access the required health forms

Student Health Insurance Requirements

It is the policy of Post University that all full-time students are required to have health insurance, either through their family or the student health insurance plan offered by the University. Students may also seek individual coverage of their own outside the University by contacting The Bailey Agencies at 860.446.8255.  Additional information may also be found at

All students are assessed the charge for student insurance and must decide to keep or waive the coverage.* The effective dates of the University’s health coverage are August 13th to August 12th of each year. See coverage information below.

2011-2012 Sickness & Accident Synopsis (PDF, 1 page)
2011-2012 Sickness and Accident Brochure (PDF) – COMING SOON!
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Student Insurance (PDF)

Students who opt not to take the University’s student health insurance plan will be required to complete an online waiver no later than the day of arrival on campus, September 6, 2011. The waiver system will close September 6, 2011. Failure to decide will result in default acceptance of the insurance.  The waiver process begins May 1st, 2011. To waive, click the link below:

If you have further questions about the student health insurance, please contact Bailey Agencies, Inc. at 800.321.4449 or 860.326.3085.


New and transfer students enrolling for Spring Semester 2012 are assessed the charge for student insurance and must decide to keep or waive the coverage.    The coverage information is the same (see 2011-12 Sickness and Accident Synopsis and Brochure PDFs above), however the rate charged will be less than the amount noted in the Synopsis, as the span of time for the coverage will be effective only January 1st-August 12th, 2012.  Spring Semester students who opt not to take the student insurance need to complete the online waiver.  The same waiver system will be available to the Spring Semester students on October 3rd, 2011, and will close the first day of classes, January 18th, 2012.  If students do not complete a waiver, they will accept the student insurance coverage and the fee will be applied.

Immunization Requirements

Full-time students are required to have a complete physical examination signed by a physician along with an updated immunization record on file in the Health Services Office prior to beginning classes each year.

All students are required by the State of Connecticut to show proof of:

  • Two MMR ( Measles, Mumps and Rubella ) vaccine dates and Two Varicella (Chicken Pox) vaccine dates.

Students who live on campus also must show proof of:

  • The Meningococcal Meningitis Vaccine

Connecticut State Law requires that university students be vaccinated against meningitis as a condition for living in the university's residence halls and apartments. 

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers About Meningococcal Meningitis

Students who have not met State immunization requirements will not be able to attend classes.

Immunization Recommendations

The Hepatitis B Vaccine is recommended by the CDC, ACHA and NCAA. To learn more about Hepatitis B and the vaccine, download the Hepatitis B and Vaccination Fact Sheet or contact your physician, local Health Department, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website, or the American College Health Association (ACHA) website

Where to get the required vaccines

  • Your Physician or local health Department
  • Your Hospital's Travel Clinic

Click here for local branches that carry the vaccine

In the Waterbury area call: 203-574-4187
Travel and Immunization Clinic
140 Grandview Avenue Suite Lo-6
Waterbury, CT 06708
Hours: Tuesday 8:30am-12:00
(by appointment only)
Download the Student Health Form

Health Services can be reached at

Phone: (203) 596-4503
Fax: (203) 596-4542