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Jesse B. Weitknecht

Why did you choose Post University?

It was mostly the convenience of going to school online. I have a young daughter and it was important for me to be home as much as possible. I took some courses through Post while I was an undergrad, and I truly loved the learning format. The program and the school are highly respected in my workplace, so career-wise it was an awesome choice. Personally, it was an even better choice. The format allowed me to acquire a high-end education all while being in the comfort of my home.

Why did you decide to pursue your MBA while working full-time?

I want career advancement and a position in management and this will certainly help me get there. The incentives were there, too; my company pays the tuition.

Do you think Post will provide a good return on your investment?

Absolutely. Post is an institution that is providing a credible MBA degree. An MBA will absolutely increase my chances for career advancement. I asked some managers here about Post and they had a lot of nice things to say about the school, and the MBA program itself.

Did the Post program meet or exceed your expectations?

It exceeded them in the sense that I learned more than I anticipated in an online format. The time that isn't spent in a natural classroom environment was made up for with interactive PowerPoint presentations and in-depth discussions with classmates. Not to mention the format and accelerated pace, combined with a sufficient amount of assignments to ensure students are getting the most out of each course. All of my instructors were available when I needed them, and took the time necessary on an individual level when needed. Learning at a distance puts a lot of responsibility on the students for them to fulfill the offline assignments, and the individual will only get out of the program what he or she puts into it.

How has the MBA program impacted your career or you personally?

To be entirely honest, I don't think it's impacted my career at the levels it will once I graduate and am given the opportunities I desire. My management recognizes where I am in the program, and expects my abilities to become noticeably enhanced when given the chance to implement my learning at work. It also has helped me solidify my interest in management and my interest in working with people.

What one thing about the Post MBA program has had the greatest influence on you so far?

Well, the experiences I've had working as a student with Dr. Mroz have been life-changing. He is able to allow students to go beyond thinking” normally” and increase their ability to analyze certain information critically when necessary. I believe it was Dr. Mroz's style and approach to teaching in this environment that allowed me to be so successful in this program.

Were you able to immediately apply what you were learning in the work world?

My critical thinking capacities and ability to work with people and find what motivates them are things I've certainly applied and learned in this program.

What kinds of connections did you make with your professors and peers?

Dr. Mroz allowed us to introduce ourselves in creative manners so you really got a sense of what everyone was like and what they were up against in their lives. The connection that you get in a classroom wasn't at all lost because of this. I mean, it was different, but still there.

What advice would you give someone who wants to pursue an online MBA program?

The advice I would give is to do what I did. If an online format is something that fits your lifestyle and will fulfill your educational desires, then go for it. You also should feel out the managers about how they feel about online degrees because the old school of thought is that an online format is less effective due to the loss of engagement with the students and professors. I know from personal experience there wasn't a loss because of the extra efforts by the professors and the students to fulfill their responsibilities. Here, at Pratt, managers understand that with technological advancements, learning at a distance is the way of the future, and is no less effective than sitting in a classroom.

Would you recommend Post's Online MBA Degree Program to your friends/colleagues?

I certainly would, and have on several occasions. I know of one person that has enrolled in the MBA program because of my recommendations and another who is considering starting very soon. Post has a wonderful MBA program going, which is entirely tailored to working professionals seeking to further their education to the mastery level. The flexibility and schedule of the classes allows the students freedom to work at their pace, which is more comfortable to a lot of people.

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