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Renee Polletta

Why did you choose Post University?

I chose it because they had degree programs that were completely online. I did look around at other schools in the area, and some of them had hybrid programs, but I didn’t find anything that was completely online. Since I work full-time, I didn’t want to go to classes at night.

I also decided on Post because of the accelerated degree program.  It was much more appealing because I would be done in half the time compared to a traditional program. Having lived in Waterbury, I also knew that Post was a good school.

Why did you decide to pursue a college degree while working full-time?

You know, I went to school right out of high school. I was a communications major and it just wasn’t what I could see myself doing. It seemed like a waste of time and a waste of money, so I stopped going. It just took me a long time to realize what I wanted to do. I also knew that I wasn’t going to get anywhere without a degree. I think a bachelor’s is just a given and you just have to have it now. So, I went back to school.

My aunt was already part of the ADP program at Post.  We both graduated from the same high school and both received our associate's from the same community college.  She raved about Post’s ADP program to me.  Now, we both have our Bachelor's from Post and are planning to finish our Master's at the same time and graduate together.  

Did you think Post has provided a good return on your investment?

I do. I think the real-life experience that my professors had is unbeatable. I’ve been really impressed by their bios and work experience.

I think that’s priceless. At a lot of universities, the professors are just professors. All the teachers I’ve had are all still working and active in their fields and I think that gives them a whole different perspective on their teaching. It’s so valuable.

What one thing about Post was most influential in your ability to manage work and school?

Having everything online was a big help. My admissions counselor really helped me plan and get signed up for the right courses. We planned to whole program right on the phone. Post was really good with allowing me to use some of my work experience toward college credit. They also were flexible about course selection.

How did you manage to work full time and take online courses?

I am a good planner. I will map out for the week what I’m going to do every night. With the online classes you get the whole schedule at the beginning of the week, so you can plan. It doesn’t always work out that you stick to it, but most of the time I would be able to.

What would you say to someone like you who wants to pursue an online higher education?

I highly recommend it, and I have told a lot of people about the flexibility that it gives you. Without this program, I don’t know that I would have gone back to school. The idea of working all day and then having to sit in a class for three hours – well, I knew it wouldn’t work for me. I’m not the type of person who would do well in that setting. This was a great option for me.

What was the biggest challenge you faced?

The hardest thing was giving up my free time. I didn’t have as much time to go out with my friends. It is a lot of work, so you have to make that commitment to it. You’ve got to be willing to give up some of your time. But it’s definitely worth it.

Where do you think you’ll go from here?

I’m hoping to start my Masters in Human Services at Post in September.

Would you recommend Post to your friends?

I would. What I really enjoyed at Post is that the classes have been really small and you really do get personal attention. You’re held more accountable because they know who they are, and you’re not just a number.

Also, during my entire experience at Post, I have been so impressed by how quickly you get a response to questions -- from professors or financial aid or wherever. I have never waited more than a day to get a response. I always hear back the same day. That makes you feel like you’re not going through this alone, and that they really care about what’s happening to you.

I have friends in other online schools, and that is not the case. They have such a hard time getting a hold of somebody. I’ve never had that problem.

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