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What Our Students Say

Hear what students say about their experience with Post University.

 "Post University provides an excellent opportunity for working professionals to continue their education. Post offers a diversified portfolio of courses, which allow a person to focus on subject-specific information, while also providing a complete array of elective classes to both challenge and stimulate areas for learning."
Mariann Morrell

"I decided to return back to school after many years. The staff at Post University was very helpful to make the transition back an enjoyable experience. I highly recommend Post University…"
John Julian

I am so glad I made the decision to start up with school again..."
Stephanie Connolly

"I feel I have made the right choice in many ways, the school is accommodating and took into consideration that students are working full time due to financial obligations and still want to continue or finish school. Students can take one or more classes based on their ability. I encourage any student to board the ship 'Post' and enjoy the ride. Cannot beat the hours, price, and the professors are very helpful."
Latifa Ranganadan - Masters in Human Services

"I am really impressed with the Master's Program at Post University. All of the staff is extremely helpful and encouraging. The professors are great! I have taken three online courses now and remain extremely happy. I am learning so much from the professors and from my classmates."
Kate Davis - Masters in Human Services

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