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Jasana Levy

Jasana Levy

Love of sports leads student to Post University

Jasana Levy, 19, of Meriden, said it was her love of playing basketball that resulted in her transferring to Post University.

Jasana’s University of Bridgeport basketball coach told her she wouldn’t play and that she didn’t have the necessary passion for the sport. But Jasana knew her coach had no idea how much she loved a sport that she had been playing since she was a little girl. She was determined to live out her childhood dream and play college basketball.  

So, she transferred to Post because she knew she would get quality playing time. And she did. But, in an unexpected twist of fate, Jasana recently turned in her basketball shoes for a pair of cleats, and is now a member of the Post University Women’s  Lacrosse team. And she’s never had more fun. Lacrosse is a natural fit for her.  It also helps that her cousin coaches the sport, so she’s familiar with the game.
“I like how lacrosse is more relaxed and it’s a good team sport,” Jasana said.

Jasana, who attended Francis T. Maloney High School in Meriden, said her decision to transfer to Post wasn’t just about sports. Jasana wants to become a lawyer and was attracted to Post’s Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies program.  She also wanted to attend a smaller, more close-knit campus, which she says she’s found at Post.

Although her previous school wasn’t huge, “it’s much easier to get lost in the crowd there,” Jasana said. “I wanted to come here and get more involved in other programs and sports.”

When Jasana transferred, she also was anxious about the academics because she’d heard that Post was “not going to be an easy school,” but her fears were quelled quickly.

“My professors reached out to me early and offered to do anything to help me,” Jasana said. “The professors are here to help us out.”

At her previous school, she said she often sat in packed lecture halls and didn’t feel connected to her teachers. “I felt like just another student,” Jasana recalled.

At Post, the small class sizes and the ability to connect with her teachers has made her time at Post wonderful, she added. She’s also appreciated the career-focused nature of the curriculum. Recently, her Criminal Procedure class went to visit the Manson Youth Institute in Cheshire and spoke with the inmates.

“It’s important to learn what goes through the mind of an inmate if you want to pursue a career as a lawyer,” Jasana said.

In the short time she’s been at Post, Jasana has immersed herself into the school’s culture. She’s a resident assistant, peer educator and tutor.

“Getting involved in activities on the Post campus was so important to me because it creates an instant connection with your peers. It also opens up so many doors to opportunities, and allowed me to feel like I was a part of a family here at Post,” Jasana said.

Jasana added that she’d recommended Post University to her friends. “If you want to get the best and most out of your college years, I suggest you attend Post,” she said.   

“The resources we have here are great. There are so many things for us including the library, law library, learning and career services centers.”

Transferring schools can be stressful and for anyone going through the process.  Jasana offers some tips to make the process a little less stressful.

“It’s important to think about what you want in a university,” Jasana said. ”You also want to ask yourself if you’ve given your current university enough time before deciding to move on.”  Before deciding to transfer, Jasana also sought out someone who had already been through the process.

Are you thinking about transferring colleges? What are the biggest factors weighing on your decision?

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