Add/DroP Request

Main campus Students

For information on dropping or adding a course, click here. To add or drop a course you must complete the Drop/Add Form. Read the Registration Information document to understand Post University's drop/add policies.

WARNING!!! Do not stop attending classes for any non-emergency reason without first submitting the completed drop/add form. Otherwise, you will be academically withdrawn and not receive a refund or you will receive an "F" for the course.

Please consult the Tuition Refund Policy.

If a student must withdraw from all courses, an action equivalent to withdrawing from the University, he or she must do so by officially notifying The Office of the Registrar. Official notification occurs when the student provides The Office of the Registrar with written or oral notification of the withdrawal. The Office of the Registrar will require that the student confirm any oral notification of withdrawal in writing. For more information on policies on University Withdrawal, click here.