Academic Advising

Post University’s Academic Success Counselor program is an integral part of the University’s academic support services. It provides each student with personalized and proactive coaching provided by a member of the Advising Team.

Post University’s Academic Advisors and Academic Success Counselors assist students in selecting majors, scheduling courses, and interpreting and fulfilling academic policies and procedures. They also serve as mentors, providing students with practical advice and guidance on how best to achieve their academic, personal and career goals.

Once a student selects a major, the Advising Department assigns a member of the full-time instructional staff to serve as that student’s advisor. The student also may request a specific faculty advisor.

Post University’s Success Counselors assist students in scheduling courses, interpreting and fulfilling academic policies and procedures, as well as providing direction when it comes time to search for internships or a full time job after graduation. These advisors are specialists in their fields and provide students with a real-world view of what to expect once they graduate with their degree.

A student is encouraged to work with both their Academic and Faculty Advisor to ensure success throughout their academic career at Post.

Academic Advising for main campus students is located in Torrance Hall. For general questions, please call 203.596.4539.

Students Needing Advice on Selecting a Degree Program

Prospective students who are having difficulty selecting a major should work closely with the Academic Advising Office and Admissions to identify a major that meets the student's career needs and objectives. There are resources available in the Office of Career Development to assist potential students in assessing their individual preferences, strengths, weaknesses and interests – all of which is helpful in choosing a major.

To be considered for federal financial aid, students must be enrolled in an eligible degree program. Although students need to declare a major in order to receive financial aid, we encourage students to take courses across many disciplines during their first two years at Post. All students also take advantage of our career and self-awareness courses that are specially designed to give students the experience and feedback they need to be sure they're on the right career track. That way, freshman and sophomores who find they're better suited to a different course of study have the option of changing their majors without jeopardizing their anticipated graduation dates.

Day Campus Advisors

Caitlyn Whitmoyer, Assistant Director of Main Campus Advising,  203-596-4539,

Suzanne Koulouris, Academic Advisor, 203-596-4606,

Amy Donofrio, Academic Advisor, 203-591-7388,