Campus Safety

Bob Tansley

Bob Tansley

Title: Director Campus Safety

The office of Campus Safety and Security at Post University is dedicated to protecting the safety and security of our students, faculty and staff.  Your safety is our number one priority. That's why we're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 203-596-4502.

Our office works closely with all campus departments and various student groups.   Here's how Post University students, faculty and staff can help us better do our job:

  • Report the presence of any unusual or questionable individuals or occurrences to the Office of Campus Safety and Security at once.

  • Take advantage of the crime prevention programs offered by the Campus Safety and Security Office

  • Schedule a meeting with the Director of Campus Safety and Security if you have any
    safety-related concerns.  The Director of Campus Safety's Office hours are Monday-Friday,
    7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

  • Carry your Post University Photo Identification Card at all times

Photo Identification Cards

Post University Photo Identification Cards (ID) are an essential part of our safety and security program.  Students must carry the ID card at all times and produce it when requested by authorized campus officials.

The ID gains students access to campus events and facilities, including the Dining Hall.  Students are responsible for their ID card at all times. The lending or alteration of ID cards is a considered a serious violation of University policy.  Other ID card regulations are listed on the back of each student ID.
New students will have an opportunity to have their ID picture taken in the Office of Campus Safety and Security on the day they come for placement testing or registration. The ID will then be in the Orientation Packet students receive when they come to New Student Orientation.

Students who miss having their picture taken at the time of testing/registration can come to Post during the summer or during the first week of classes.

Vehicle Registration

All vehicles operated or parked on campus must be registered with the Office of Campus Safety and Security.  To park on campus, vehicles must have a Post University decal displayed in the lower left side of the driver's front window.

All students should register their vehicles when they register for classes.  They must present a valid insurance ID card at the time of registration.
Also, students who wish to appeal parking tickets may contact the Director of Campus Safety and Security.

Campus Safety

West Residence Hall, Room 510
800 Country Club Road, P.O. Box 2540
Waterbury, CT 06723-2540
Phone: (203) 596-4501
Fax: (203) 596-4542


Campus Safety Emergency: 203-596-4502 (24 hours)
On campus call: 4502
Campus Safety Office: 203-596-4501 (7:00am to 3:00pm)
Gate House: 203-596-4543
Counseling Center Emergency: 203-759-6108

Uniform Crime Reports

In accordance with the State of Connecticut Campus Safety Act of 1990, Post annually participates in the Connecticut Uniform Crime Report (UCR) program.   We utilize the Uniform Crime Reporting methodology. The Safety and Security Office maintains annual statistics, broken down by semesters, on campus crime. The crime rate is derived from dividing the number of reported incidents by the total number of students, faculty and staff. Our continuing goal, and our commitment to you, is to eliminate crimes on campus.

For campus crime stats go to:

Click here to view the Post University Annual Security Report