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Christopher Charlotin

Christopher CharlotinWhy did you choose Post University?

I came for a visit and I knew I wanted to go to a small school. I knew I wouldn't be able to be as focused in a big school. Post also had the best financial aid package. It was close to home and had a small ratio of students to faculty.

What was your experience at Post?

It's been a real learning experience. I've had ups and downs, but I've learned so much. I can go out in the real world right now and I'll be able to apply what I learned. I am who I am today because I went to Post.

Did you think Post is affordable and will provide a good return on your investment?

When I first came in, my financial aid package was a really decent one. Thankfully, I had good grades and they were able to work with me and help me out with scholarships and grants, and the Peer Educator job really helped because I didn't have to work off campus. I worked off campus for two years and it makes it hard. This job allowed me to stay on campus.

I think I've already started to see a return on my investment based on the opportunities that I know
are going to be available to me when I graduate.

In comparison to other schools where you applied, was Post more or less affordable?

It was more affordable, and it was close to home and had a smaller campus.

What have you liked best about attending Post University?

The people that I met. I met my two best friends here. And the education. I'm confident in what it is that I learned. If somebody was to hire me today, I have no doubt in my mind that I'd be able to do what they asked me to do. The professors really work with you.

What one thing about your education do you think will help you get ahead when you graduate?

The confidence that my education will give me. Post faculty teach you instead of just lecturing you. They make sure you understand. I'm really confident in my abilities.

Would you recommend Post to your friends?

It depends on the friend. For people who have the wrong notion of college as a place where you're always partying, Post is not the right place. If I have friends who are like me and are ambitious, then definitely. I'll be happy to say that I'm an alum of Post University.

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