Bachelor of Science in Child Studies Degree

Early Childhood Teaching Credential

Post University’s School of Education was among the first schools in the state approved by the Connecticut State Department of Education to provide students with a pathway to earning an Early Childhood Teaching Credential (ECTC). The ECTC is a Connecticut-based credential that will enable graduates to teach in a publicly funded preschool program.

Additionally, teachers with the ECTC will…

  • Be eligible to teach in publically funded early childhood programs in Connecticut.

  • Be recognized as professionals who understand the importance of keeping abreast of current research and participating in ongoing, professional learning activities.

  •  Have developed expertise that is in alignment with the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s (NAEYC) standards.

Most of the pathway to earning an ECTC is embedded into the BS in Child Studies program. Key Assessments--standards-based progress-points for teachers are embedded as assignments in the courses. By successfully completing course assignments, students meet the requirements of the Key Assessments.  

In addition to completing their coursework, to receive the ECTC students must:

  • Enroll in the Charts-a-Course Registry in order to receive the ECTC credential. Students can register at

  • Provide their Registry ID to the Post University Academic Program Manager (APM) for Child Studies.
    • Upon graduation, the APM will submit the student’s name to the State Department of Education (SDE).
    • After Charts-a-Course receives approval from the SDE, Charts-a-Course will issue the student the credential, which will be located on