Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems Degree


Post University's B.S. in Computer Information Systems degree program instructs students in the areas of computer science and social science, to better understand both technology and the people who use it daily.

Students who attain a B.S. in Computer Information Systems from Post University can expect to have achieved the outcomes listed below.


  • Students will interpret and analyze a problem while identifying the appropriate data, hardware components and/or software requirements to develop a feasible solution.

  • Students will design, implement and evaluate web-based or computer-based applications to meet client’s specifications.

  • Students will apply knowledge of system analysis and computing techniques to process data into useful information for problem solving and decision making.

  • Students will use current tools and practices that support the software documentation process.

  • Students will communicate information effectively in oral, written, audio and visual formats; this includes interpreting and documenting system requirements, and/or developing materials for clients in the proper use of the hardware/software.

  • Students will work cooperatively in teams to accomplish a shared goal.

  • Students will analyze local and global information technology (IT) trends, while recognizing the influences of IT on cultural, economic, ethical and legal issues and responsibilities.

  • Students will support the planning and management of Information Systems.