Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science Degree


Post University's B.S. in Environmental Science degree program is the study of the interactions between the biological, chemical and physical processes that shape our natural world.

Students who attain a B.S. in Environmental Science from Post University can expect to have achieved the outcomes listed below.


  1. Students will communicate professionally, in both oral and written style, using scientific terminology and technique.
  2. Students will examine and apply principles of general science as a foundation and supplement to the study of environmental science.
  3. Students will critically evaluate historical and contemporary environmental ethics as a source of their personal environmental viewpoints.
  4. Students will identify current environmental laws and policies, and examine their application to local, state and world affairs.
  5. Students will utilize environmental field guides to identify vegetation, evaluate soil profiles, and interpret an ecosystem’s functions and value.
  6. Students will evaluate the validity and applicability of experimental design and field methodology.
  7. Students will identify, analyze, and evaluate contemporary sustainable development practices, methods and policies.
  8. Students will recognize and examine the causes of both natural and human-induced air, water and soil pollution and their subsequent effects on local and global ecosystems.