Krystal Florio

Post University Equine Business Management major Krystal Florio is the winner of a 2011 Business Women's Forum scholarship.

Bachelor of Science in Equine Studies Degree

Program Outcomes

Post University's B.S. in Equine Studies degree program applies the business management tools of marketing, management, business law, and accounting to specialized fields within the equine industry.

Students who attain a B.S. in Equine Studies from Post University can expect to have achieved the outcomes listed below.


  1. Demonstrate the ability to apply the essential principles and practices of equine care to solving real-world problems.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to apply the essential principles and practices of stable management to solving real-world problems.
  3. Apply a basic understanding of the modern business management tools of marketing, management, accounting, and law appropriately toward industry-specific practice.
  4. Formulate solutions to complex problems within an area of concentration.
  5. Demonstrate a broad understanding of the diverse information, theories, and practices in the equine industry outside the concentration area.
  6. Assess and use contemporary information and technology to innovate in the service of better practice in the field.
  7. Function collaboratively on multi-disciplinary teams whether in a leadership or supporting role.
  8. Apply an awareness of historical and current issues in the industry toward effective practice, including cultural and public policy concerns.
  9. Demonstrate skill at tailoring clear and effective written and oral communication as appropriate to a variety of
  10. Demonstrate ethical and professionally responsible thinking, weighing practical, legal, fiscal, and humane concerns with a clear set of personal values.