Course Descriptions

Finance Course Descriptions


Principles of Finance - 3 Credits

This course examines the role of finance in relation to other business operations and within the financial community. It covers the development and use of the basic tools and operational/quality measures for financialadministration, financial analysis, planning and control, investment decisions, and management of sources of funds.

Prerequisites: ACC111; MGT105.


Corporate Finance - 3 Credits

This course is an analysis of capital investments relative to rates of return, goals, risks, and other operational/quality measures. A study of equity and debt financing, dividend policy, and multinational operations is also reviewed.

Prerequisite: FIN201.


Analysis of Financial Statements - 3 Credits

Modern investing and lending decisions are based on financial statement analysis. Investing and lending decisions require the application of thorough analysis to carefully evaluated data. Sound information is obtained by an understanding of the data from which it is derived as well as by the application of tools of analysis to aid in its extraction and evaluation. The course focuses on understanding the data that are analyzed, as well as the methods by which they are analyzed and interpreted. Course cross listed with ACC305.

Prerequisite: ACC211.


Personal Financial Planning - 3 Credits

This course is an introduction to the principles of personal financial planning. Course material will introduce the student to financial markets, financial products, and investment alternatives. A study of the more common markets and investment trends and their contributions to corporate and personal wealth is included. Course is beneficial for students who are interested in pursuing the certified financial planner (CFP) designation.

Prerequisite: FIN201


Insurance and Risk Management - 3 Credits

This course presents fundamental principles of insurance and their application in life, disability, property, and liability insurance. The concept of risk and the operational/quality measures and techniques used by a risk manager are included. The course provides the basic knowledge for intelligent solutions of personal and business insurance problems as well as for further specialized study of insurance.

Prerequisites: ECO202; MAT220.


Investment Management - 3 Credits

This course analyzes the theory and practice of investment measurement and management. Topics include principles of selection of assets, personal portfolio management, and performance criteria for selecting and makingalternative corporate investment decisions.

Prerequisites: FIN201.


Seminar in Finance - 3 Credits

This seminar examines and evaluates current theories, issues, and problems relating to financial management and decision making. Emphasis is placed on both internal and external factors affecting managerial policies and strategic measures. The course includes study of relevant literature and financial policies prevailing in business. A case method of study is followed.

Prerequisites: FIN302, FIN305.


Seminar in Personal Finance - 3 Credits

This course addresses select issues in personal finance including investment alternatives, tax strategies, retirement and estate planning, and wealth creation and management. A case study format is used with emphasis on integrating financial, legal, and tax disciplines into an integrated financial plan.

Prerequisite: FIN306, Senior Standing in the Finance Program.


Business Valuations for Mergers and Acquisitions - 3 Credits

This course considers the strategic development of business valuations from the point of view of mergers, friendly or unfriendly, and appraisal of businesses for acquisition purposes. Tax and accounting rules involvedin merger and acquisition activity are reviewed. Tactics of defense in acquisition battles are discussed and the ultimate impact on shareholder wealth is examined. Valuation of closely held businesses for sale or estate purposes is explored.

Prerequisites: FIN302, FIN305.


International Financial Management - 3 Credits

This course covers international capital movements and balance of payment problems, as well as problems of international operations as they affect financial functions. Foreign and international institutions and the foreign exchange process are examined. Financial requirements, problems, sources, and policies of multinational corporations are considered.

Prerequisite: ECO201.