Course Descriptions

French Course Descriptions

FRE-designated courses qualify as Humanities or Liberal Arts electives.

FRE101, FRE102

Elementary French I, II - 3 Credits each

This course sequence stresses accurate pronunciation, introduces students to principles of elementary grammar, and encourages easy conversational patterns pertaining to everyday living. The second semester includes reading of short passages dealing both with everyday situations and cultural materials with emphasis on pronunciation and intonation. Students should complete both semesters to gain a deeper understanding of the language and to experience reading and speaking at a greater level of difficulty.

Prerequisite: FRE101 is prerequisite for FRE102.

FRE201, FRE202

Intermediate French I, II - 3 Credits each

This course sequence is open to students who have completed two years of high school French or two semesters of college French. The course concentrates on an intensive review of grammar and reading. Oral practice of the language is encouraged.

Prerequisite: FRE102. FRE201 is a prerequisite for FRE202.


French Language Seminar - 3 Credits

The content of this course is determined according to the needs and desires of students and in conjunction with the individual faculty member.

Prerequisite: Demonstrated competence in the French language.