Certificate in Human Resource Management


The Post University Human Resource Management Certificate program provides the knowledge and practical skills for career enhancement and job advancement in Human Resource management. The focus is on current business and personnel management systems, and participants learn how to successfully meet the challenges encountered in today's competitive business environments.

Topics covered in your human resource management certificate program include compensation, benefits, communication dynamics, human resource systems, and labor and employment law.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to develop and administer practical HR systems
  • How to measure and benchmark HR success
  • How to avoid costly mistakes when hiring and dealing with HR issues
  • How to develop strategies for reducing corporate risk and liability through effective HR practices

The Post University Human Resource Management Certificate prepares students for careers in this growing field. Students can customize the certificate to meet their individual needs by choosing classes from our specialized curriculum in a program that is both flexible and convenient. Our faculty will actively engage you in a high quality and relevant curriculum that prepares you to enter a rewarding career in human resource management.

Students in any major may pursue a Certificate in Human Resource Management by completing the required courses.


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