Grads on the Move

Jeff Giarratano

Why did you choose Post University?

Well, it was close to home, but the main reason was that I wanted to go to a school that had small classes and an open dialogue with professors. I had lots of open dialogue and very small classes compared to the other universities around. I knew that was important to my learning process. My older sister also went there and she had nothing but good things to say about it.

How did you land your position at Blum Shapiro?

Actually, I had planned to take some time off after graduation, but I had my resume out on I got a call from a recruiter and he set me up with the interview. I got the job and here I am.

Do you feel you received the kind of education you needed to be successful at Blum Shapiro?

Yeah, definitely. I'm working at the largest accounting firm in the state and I feel like my accounting degree gave me the technical skills I needed. Some of the sociology and liberal arts courses I took prepared me even more for the real world by helping me learn how to interact with people.

Do you think you'd be where you are now in your career without a degree from Post?

Definitely not. I was well prepared when I came into the workplace. I think I got a better quality education than I would have gotten at other schools with larger class sizes and less group interaction.

Did you think Post was affordable and provided a good return on your investment?

Definitely. Like many kids, I had to finance a good portion of it, but it allowed me to obtain a pretty good paying job. Without that education I wouldn't be in the position I'm in now. For me, the return on investment couldn't be higher.

Was the financial aid provided to you by Post a key factor in your decision to attend?

I applied to a couple of other colleges that didn't offer me any type of aid. Post was definitely better than other schools. Post offered me a significant amount. I also knew that it would be worth the investment.