Grads on the Move

Jennifer Rose

Why did you choose Post University?

Well, I went there to play basketball. I also chose the school because it was small, and I knew it would offer a close-knit group of students and professors. I didn’t want to be a number.

How did you land your position at IBM?

I knew that I wanted to work for IBM, so I told the career services people what I wanted. They helped me put a resume together and put me in contact with the right people. And, that’s how I got my job.

Do you feel you received the kind of education you needed to be successful at IBM?

Definitely. Everything I learned in class, I pretty much do now. My classes were like real life. The teachers had experience working in the real world, so they really knew what they were talking about. I wasn’t just learning out of a book.

Do you think you’d be where you are now in your career without a degree from Post?

I don’t think I would be at IBM. Post had a lot of connections and helped open the door. So another school could have gotten me a job, but it probably wouldn’t have been at IBM and I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now. I really love my job.

Did you think Post was affordable and provided a good return on your investment?

I got a scholarship, so it was pretty affordable. It was definitely worth it in the long run.

In comparison to other schools where you applied, was Post more or less affordable?

Post gave me the better deal. I got other offers to play basketball, but Post’s was the best.

What one thing about Post was most influential in your ability to compete in the work world?

The teachers really knew me personally, and I had the same kids in my classes every year, so we competed against each other. We also worked with each other to really learn and advance.