First Year Experience

The First Year Experience Program is designed for first year students to enhance their experience and ease transition to University life. There are two types of learning communities within the First Year Experience program: commuter and residential. The residential students live together in designated residence halls and are enrolled in 4 common college courses for their first year at Post. The commuter students share 4 common courses as well with the members of their community. For both groups, this enables them to work collaboratively with their peers to encourage student involvement and leadership. It also promotes faculty and student interaction outside of the classroom while offering high quality programs and resources to help our students succeed. There is also a peer educator assigned to each learning community that will work together with their students to ensure academic success throughout the entire year. Peer Educators are upperclassmen that have earned higher than a 3.0 cumulative GPA. The Peer Educators live in the same building as the students in their group. Each Peer Educator holds 7 hours a week of tutoring for students.