Course Descriptions

Marketing Course Descriptions


Principles of Marketing - 3 Credits

This course examines the basic marketing principles practiced by modern organizations including product development, distribution, promotion, and pricing. Students will explore topics including consumer engagement, strategic planning, best practices along with the importance of measurements, analysis and utilizing acquired data. It is the foundation course for upper-level marketing courses.


Retail Merchandising & Management - 3 Credits

This course examines strategic Retail Management as an introduction to the principles and methods of retailing. Emphasis is placed on targeting consumers, data-collection, merchandise management & pricing, Human Resource & Operations Management and the overall retail strategy. Topics include marketing, trends in U.S. and global retailing markets, forecasting & financial planning and promotional strategy.

Prerequisite: MKT101.


Sales and Techniques of Selling - 3 Credits

This course covers supervising, managing and leading an organization’s sales force. Emphasis is placed on strategic planning, sales leadership, consumer & market analysis, process & knowledge management and measurement. Topics include sales force recruitment & selection, leadership, ethics, goal setting, motivation & rewards, training and development.


Advertising - 3 Credits

This is an introductory course dealing with the theories, methods, and practices of modern advertising including customer engagement, strategic planning, measuring results, industry regulations and ethics. The course gives the student hands-on experience producing advertising campaigns including graphics and media selection.

Prerequisite: MKT101.


Business To Business Marketing - 3 Credits

This course offers an overview of marketing as it applies to raw material suppliers, manufacturers, and middlemen. This includes industrial demand, marketing intelligence systems & analysis, product and service best practices, strategic planning, channels of distribution, pricing, promotion, and control.

Prerequisite: MKT101.


Advertising Copy, Layout, and Design - 3 Credits

This course goes beyond advertising theory and teaches the mechanics behind print and broadcast media. The course integrates data-driven processes along with the functions of copy writing, layout, design, and artwork. It develops an understanding of the advertising department within a company including best practices, ethics, as well as the resources available from an outside advertising agency.

Prerequisite: MKT204.


Internet & Interactive Media Marketing - 3 Credits

This course examines the impact of the Internet on business and how it has expanded a firm’s ability to customize its product and service offerings to levels not attainable in the past. Students will explore ethics inmarketing on the Internet, customer engagement, best practices, analysis of data & measuring results. This course will also define the different capabilities that social media has enabled marketers to utilize. Students will revisit the basic tenets of marketing and assess the impact of Interactive Media on these basic principles. The course also will address the benefits as well as the limitations of Internet marketing and elements of social media platforms in marketing campaigns.


International Marketing - 3 Credits

This course is an introduction to the problems associated with managing marketing operations in international companies. It introduces students to organizations, best practices, multi-cultural consumer, strategic planning, principles, policies, procedures, ethics, and techniques used in efficient and effective marketing of products and supplies by business and industry in international marketing. It provides students with concepts and ideas for solving business problems dealing with international marketing.

Prerequisites: MKT101; MGT105; IBA301 recommended


Strategic Marketing Management - 3 Credits

This course explores 21st Century marketing strategies and plans, conducting research, creating long-term client relationships, building strong brands, communicating value and creating successful long-term growth. Exploring strategic planning including innovation, new product development, managing media & personal communications, designing & managing Integrated Marketing Communications, analysis of global markets and understanding the business and ethical problems marketing managers faces in a global marketing environment challenges.

Prerequisites: MKT101


Sales Force Management & Leadership - 3 Credits

This course covers supervising, managing and leading an organization’s sales force. Emphasis is placed on strategic planning, sales leadership, consumer & market analysis, process & knowledge management and measurement. Topics include sales force recruitment & selection, leadership, ethics, goal setting, measurement & analysis, motivation & rewards, training and development.

Prerequisite: MKT101, MKT203


Marketing Research - 3 Credits

This course discusses various tools and techniques used by managers of marketing research. Topics covered include developing the research study, analysis, selecting a sample, focus interviewing, questionnaire design, data collection & analysis, measurement, validating results, and drafting the final report. Students also learn basic statistical analysis of research findings.

Prerequisites: MAT220, MKT101


Topics in Marketing - 3 Credits

This course allows students to study an approved marketing subject/topic and to prepare a substantial paper as agreed upon between the individual student and the instructor. Class discussions will include overview of current topics in marketing, as well as a review of marketing best practices, consumer behavior, sales, globalization, strategic planning, leadership, ethics, measurement & analysis. Course includes careful instructor monitoring of project progress via individual or group meetings with students.

Prerequisite: MKT101, MKT203, MKT301, MKT 305


Consumer Behavior - 3 Credits

This course examines marketing from the point of view of key behavioral science concepts, relevant consumer research, best practices and practical marketing applications with a customer focus. The course also analyzes motivation, personality, perception, learning, attitude formation, and the importance of group dynamics, social class, and culture on behavior in the marketplace.

Prerequisite: MKT101.


Internship in Retailing/ Marketing 3-6 Credits

This course provides students with practical experience in a marketing or retailing setting. Students are required to spend 15 hours per semester in seminar meetings and work in a retail or manufacturing company, or other marketing setting for at least 90 hours per semester.

Prerequisite: MKT101, and permission of the instructor.

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