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Sandra Jordan
Sandra Jordan

Degree: B.S. Economics
College or University: Southern CT. State University

Sandra has worked in Undergraduate admissions for 5+ years and is excited to be part of the new “Post University”.  The college has a new vision under the direction of our President. This along with a superior educational staff and a beautiful historical location for students will  help this small hidden division II treasure grow.  Come visit us and join our wonderful campus!!

Favorite Book:  To Kill a Mockingbird
What’s on my iPod: David Grey, Bruce Springsteen (The Boss), Van Halen

Virginia Folger


Degree: B.S. Biology, M.Ed- Higher Education Administration
College or University: Post University, Waterbury, CT

Going to college is an exciting part of your life and I am here to make it easier for you. It can get overwhelming at times, but if you are looking for a small, beautiful campus then Post is for you. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about the college admissions process.

What’s on my iPod: Jake Owen, Jason Aldean, Goo Goo Dolls, Florida Georgia Line

Virginia Folger

Virginia Folger

Degree:  B.A. in Psychology, M.S. in Entertainment Business College or University: Post University, Full Sail University

College is a time when you are able to learn about a field that you love and prepare yourself for your future. It is also a time to have fun, meet new people and make memories that you will carry with you long past graduation. College will give you the knowledge you need to succeed in the workforce and the chance to participate in many fun activities on campus. At Post you are not just a number, your professors will know who you are and will work with you to make sure you are successful. I am proud to be a Post Graduate and hope I can assist you on starting your journey to becoming a fellow alumnus!

Favorite Book: Fish, Hunger Games

What’s on my iPod: Jason Marz, Matt Nathonson, Rob Thomas, Pink, DMX, Train

Nazle JalaludinNazle Jalaludin

Degree: B.A. Human Development and Family Studies
College or University: The University of Connecticut

College is an exciting journey that every student should be given the opportunity to experience .College is filled with excitement, curiosity and can open many doors for you. It is a time to experience different majors, meet new people, build relationships, and make something of yourself. It is a place to reflect on who you want to be and where you want to be in life. Post University is a place that will guide you on the path to success

What’s on my iPod: J. Cole, Ashanti, Jake Owen


Julio Muniz

Julio Muniz

Degree: B.A in Sociology
College or University: Central Connectiut State University
Travel Territory: Waterbury and New Haven, CT

Education can be an outlet, a way to enrich the soul. Throughout a college career, you are not only educated through the fields of academia, but also educated on the value of relationships, the responsibility of independence, and the luxury of life itself.  College is meant to challenge you in many facets of life and will be something that will not always come easy. Well, anything easily achieved has the potential to be easily forgotten. That is why earning a degree can be a struggle, but in my opinion, a struggle that is worth enduring.  Not only for the memories made collected, but the growth in character and perspective.

Favorite Book: Being and Time – by Martin Heidegger

What’s on my iPod: Nas, Currensy, The Diplomats, Kendrick Lamar, Carlos Santana, and Lincoln Park

Kevin WhalenKevin Whalen

Degree: B.S. in Management
College or University: Plymouth State University

The benefits of attending and earning a college degree stretch far beyond what is learned in a classroom.  The people and experience one will encounter while going to college will have a lifelong impact on the development of the individual as well as their overall success in their chosen career.  The best part about education is that is endless.  No matter how much you know there are always new theories and practices that continue to be tested and put into action.  A college degree will provide you with the educational foundation to understand the basic principles as well as the ability to continuously apply those same practices years after you have graduated…

Favorite Book: “The Contender”  by: Robert Lipsyte

What’s on my iPod:Tom Petty, Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen, Jay-Z, Eminem