Grads on the Move

Michael LaFountain

I graduated from community college, and I wanted a program that was accelerated so I could get my degree faster. Post University was close to home, so I decided that was a good choice. I was very, very happy with the program.

My professors really helped me understand what I needed to know in the accounting field. I learned how hard you need to work to get into the position that I'm in now. They really required me to have a broad view of the business world and they taught me how to analyze an entire company, and then communicate what I knew in an intelligent manner. It really made me think more broadly about how a company works.

I'm 40 years old, and I was working a blue collar job before I graduated. I'm making more money and I have more opportunity here. It's ridiculously better. I definitely think it was a good return on my investment because I'm making more money and every year I'm here I get further ahead. I can keep moving up, but in my old job I just stagnated.

I can speak from experience that you don't want to be 35 years old, working full time, and trying to get a college degree. Although it's definitely doable, it's harder that way. So I tell younger kids to stay in school and work hard. It's the best way to get ahead.