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Curtis "Monty" Nebinger

Monty NebingerWhy did you choose Post University?

Because Post University offered a Bachelor of Science in Marketing where most schools offer a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing. Post is a nice, reputable, small school that fit my needs perfectly and is close to home.

What has been your favorite thing about attending Post University?

That’s a tough one. I’ve been working in industry for almost 20 years fairly successfully without my degree, but completing my degree was something that was always in the back of my mind. I was apprehensive to return to school. My favorite thing about Post is that, from day one, students and teachers accepted me as I worked to complete the degree I began over 25 years ago.

Obviously, I stick out like a sore thumb. [Monty is in his 40s.] I didn’t think the students would treat me as nicely as they did, but my classmates are really nice people and it’s been a great experience for me. I was quite impressed with how well they treated me -- just as another student and not as an old guy that was trying to invade their scene. The teachers have been great, too; they truly care. A special thanks to Mrs. Kathleen Shannon, Ms. Carole Baker, and Dr. Michael Conard.

What was one of the most memorable experiences you had on campus?

I needed a four-credit class and I noticed that Post had an Equine Management program. I asked Carole Baker, the director, if she would allow me to take Stable Management. She was gracious enough to accept me into the class without being in this very prestigious program. I learned more in that class about one subject than anything else I have ever learned about in my entire live. I had zero knowledge about horses and their care. I can now honestly say that I have a deep understanding of these wonderful creatures. Carole Baker is an extraordinary teacher and she can push her students to do remarkable things. I worked my butt off for that class.

Would you recommend Post University to your friends?

Yes, I definitely would. Post offers several outstanding degree programs, has a diverse cultural mix of students from all over the world, and has small, personal classes with excellent and caring instructors. .

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