Grads on the Move

Megan Oates

Why did you choose Post University?

Actually, I did a search on, and I was looking for a school that had an equine degree and a biology degree. I also wanted a school that wasn’t too far from home and was small. I was painfully shy when I first started college so I knew the smaller atmosphere would be better for me. Post was the only school I applied to.

After I visited the campus, I knew I definitely wanted to go there. Everyone was super nice when I went to visit.

I chose to major in biology because I’ve always been interested in the sciences. I planned to go to vet school, but I also wanted to get the equine degree because I wanted to learn more about the opportunities in that field.

Since Post offered an Equine Business Management major, I thought it would be more credible to the outside world. It gives you a step up over other equine degrees. A lot of people think equine is going to be easy. But it’s one the hardest majors at the school. Because it’s hard, it’s worthwhile.

Did you think Post was affordable and will provide a good return on your investment?

Um, it was kind of expensive. I didn’t qualify for much federal financial aid, but I did get a merit scholarship from Post. I thought the education I received was perfect for what I was looking for. I got a lot of exposure to the different equine industries. Everyone was so knowledgeable; it was crazy what kind of info you could get out of them. And they were so excited about what they were teaching that you got excited about it too.

Was the financial aid provided to you by Post a key factor in your decision to attend?

No, not for me. My parents said they would help me, and Post was the right choice for me. Looking at other schools in the area, my friends were paying about the same price, but they had much larger classes. I think I got a better deal than they did. It was just the perfect fit for me. After four years, I still thought it was the perfect fit. It was such a good experience.

What one thing about your education at Post do you think will be most influential in your ability to reach your career goals?

It was the variety of education that I was able to get. I feel like I got three degrees – the equine, the
Business and the bio. I have a lot of options as to my future. I think that the best part of the whole education at Post was the people and the students. Because it was small, I was able to get so involved. It really helped me progress as a person. I feel more confident in myself because of the experience I had at Post.

I was able to take on some leadership positions. And the friends that I have now are friends that I met my freshman year. They always talk about how shy I was and now I’m this wacky, crazy person who’s all over the place and making people laugh. My orientation leader said she thought I was going to go home the first day. But I didn’t.

Would you recommend Post to your friends?

Absolutely. I’ve actually had a couple of family friends and people who know me who were interested in going to Post. I gave them the straight up answer. I told them that the program was just wonderful. I recommended it to a lot of people.