Course Descriptions

Music Course Descriptions

MUS-designated courses qualify as Humanities or Liberal Arts Electives.


Music Appreciation - 3 Credits

This course is designed for students with no previous training in Western classical music. It provides a foundation for intelligent and appreciative listening of music through an understanding of the ways in which music is put together and the characteristics of various musical styles of classical music. Recordings, as well as videotaped performances, are played during class periods. Attendance at live performances is highly recommended.


Chorus - 2 Credits

This course is designed to upgrade vocal music reading skills with emphasis on group experience and is designed to investigate musical elements through preparation of vocal music for eventual performance.


Instrumental Ensemble - 1 Credit

This course is designed to upgrade instrumental music reading skills through chamber ensemble coaching (solos, duos, trios, etc., to a chamber orchestra). It is designed to investigate musical elements such as rhythm, melody, etc. through preparation of instrumental music, including accompaniment for performance.

Studio fee required. Prerequisite: Interview and audition with the music director.


Applied Music 1 Credit

This course emphasizes individual instruction for students who wish to begin or continue with private instrumental or vocal music lessons. All periods of music may be studied and an approach through theory technique is pursued.

Studio fee required.

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Fundamentals of Music – 3 Credits

A beginning course in the fundamentals of music notation, design to develop basic music literacy, i.e. reading and writing music and ear training. Course consists of a study notation, melody, harmony, rhythm, and musical terminology. It develops the ability to understand the basic structures in Western music. No musical experience required.


Music Arts and Opera - 3 Credits

This advanced course focuses on the discussion of styles and genres of Western classical music with emphasis

on the development and nature of opera, its structure and types. The course includes viewing opera on videotapes. Attendance at live performances is highly recommended.

Not open to freshmen.


American Music - 3 Credits

This course surveys the scope of American music from its beginnings to the present day. Folk music, classical music, pop music, the Broadway musical, jazz, and rock are played, assessed, and discussed in an historical framework. Both recordings and videos are used to enhance the students' understanding and knowledge of this music.

Not open to freshmen.