Technology Information for Students and Parents

If you live or work on the Post University campus, there is a good chance that you (or your student) access the network using a wired network connection. Most on-campus users have wired Ethernet access from residence halls, offices and other locations.

In order to get your computer connected to Post University’s network and the Internet from your Residence Hall room, we are providing a list of required an recommended items.


  • Ethernet card: Most new computers have an Ethernet card already built-in or installed. If your computer does not have one, make sure you bring a 10/100/1000 card for desktop computers or PCMCIA 10/100/1000 card for laptops.
  • Network Cable: 25-foot Cat5e Patch Cord to fit RJ-45 data jack. (also available at the campus store)
    • Under NO circumstances can a telephone line splitter device be used for Internet connections.
  • Windows and Macintosh updates: Post U. requires that your computer have all the current security, virus patches and updates for your Operating System prior to moving on to campus.
  • Antivirus software: Post U. requires all students moving on to campus to come prepared with their own antivirus software. This software must be preinstalled and fully updated prior to moving into a Residence Hall.
    • Internet access will not be granted until the ICT department can verify that a valid antivirus program is present and up-to-date, with a subscription that will last through the Spring Semester. If for some reason your current antivirus program will expire prior to the end of the Spring Semester, we ask that you either renew your current subscription or uninstall and replace it with a free trust worthy antivirus program. NO EXCEPTIONS


  • Desktop/ Laptop lock (also available at the campus store)
  • Laptop bag (also available at the campus store)
  • Analog phone
  • Wireless Network Card

Hardware Requirements

The following recommended computer configurations provide the best performance on the Post U. network. If your computer does not meet these suggestions, it will likely still be compatible with the University network. However, some of the processing speeds and other applications may not function as well as other computers that meet these standards. The ICT department does not support anything less than Windows XP.

Recommended Computer Requirements
Microsoft Windows
3.0 GHz Processor or higher
80 GB Hard Drive
Windows XP (Professional is preferred)
At least a CD burner (DVD burner is preferred) 10/100/1000 Ethernet card
RJ45 Cat5e patch cord
Apple Macintosh
3.0 GHz Processor or higher
80 GB Hard Drive
Macintosh OS 10.3 or higher
At least a CD burner (DVD burner is preferred) 10/100/1000 Ethernet card
RJ45 Cat5e patch cord
* For more about Apple specifications, please visit  

Netiquette: The Do's and Don'ts of the POST Network


  • DO practice responsible computing.
  • DO respect University equipment and systems.
  • DO use and keep up-to-date virus protection software to protect yourself and others.
  • DO use the service to take POST University Online courses.
  • DO limit the size of files to approximately half a megabyte (100 pages of text) when transferring files via email.
  • DO obtain the sender's permission before forwarding mail sent to you in confidence.
  • DO regularly delete files and email messages you no longer need.
  • DO be courteous and careful when sending email – sign your messages, include a subject and proofread before sending.


  • DON'T configure your computer to use a static IP address.
  • DON'T give out your passwords.
  • DON'T connect a computer other than your own to your data jack.
  • DON'T run Internet servers from your computer.
  • DON'T deliberately waste bandwidth (e.g., file sharing).
  • DON'T use email or other network communications to harass, offend or annoy.
  • DON'T attempt to bypass security on any computing resource.
  • DON'T examine data destined for another computer.
  • DON'T use the POST University network to promote commercial business.
  • DON'T tamper with the telephone jack, data jack or any wiring.

Contact Us

If you have any problems or questions please call the ICT department at 203.596.4596 or email us at