Course Descriptions

Physical Education Course Descriptions

PED-designated courses satisfy unrestricted elective requirements only. Only 2 credits in PED courses may be credited toward graduation.


Adventure Learning - 1 Credit

Adventure learning is an institutional adaptation of Outward Bound designed to foster trust, cooperation, support, appropriate risk taking, communication, problem solving, teamwork, and fun. The course contains a wide variety of experiential learning opportunities including adventure games, problem solving initiatives, and trust activities. Activities are framed with briefing, strategy planning, and debriefing sessions. Students and staff will be expected to honor a full-value contract and the concept of “challenge by (or of) choice.”


Dance - 1 Credit

This course introduces students to the basic concepts of dance and creative movement. Participation in the course requires that students research, learn, and perform choreographed pieces. No prior dance experience is necessary.


Conditioning and Fitness - 1 Credit

This course acquaints students with a variety of activities associated with physical conditioning. The course is designed as a developmental program, progressively presented, and geared to individual needs so that students may improve their physical fitness levels.


Beginning Swimming - 1 Credit

This is an introductory course geared to non-swimmers and novice swimmers. The course focuses on increasing the students' knowledge/skills in relation to basic swimming techniques. Emphasis is placed on class participation.


Swimming Intermediate & Advanced - 1 Credit

This course covers the essential stroke techniques of swimming, the conditioning of competitive swimmers, and the development of proficiency in relation to total swimming abilities.

Prerequisite: PED118 or permission of the instructor.


Weight Training - 1 Credit

This course provides students with an overview of weight training principles and techniques. Students engage in a variety of weight training exercises and develop personal weight training programs. Experience with weight training is not a prerequisite.


Modern Dance - 1 Credit

This course provides an introduction to the basic concepts of modern dance stressing alignment, center of gravity, suspension, fall and rebound, contraction and release, flexibility, coordination, and general conditioning. The techniques of Martha Graham, Jose Limon, and Doris Humphrey are studied.

No prior dance experience is required. Open to men and women.


Introduction to Ballroom Dancing - 3 credits

This course is an introduction to American social ballroom dancing. Basics in waltz, foxtrot, cha cha, rumba, tango and swing will be presented. Emphasis is placed on footwork, lead/follow, timing/rhythm, styling and the blending of movements. Study, analysis, practice and development of social dance etiquette, technique, and proficiency will be emphasized.


Fundamentals of Basketball - 1 Credit

This course introduces the basic skills and concepts of basketball. Emphasis is placed on game-related activities that help develop fundamental techniques and tactical awareness.


Martial Arts - 1 Credit

This course provides an introduction to basic concepts of various martial arts, such as Karate, Judo, and Hapkido. Students will develop greater confidence, discipline, and control through performing warm-up exercises, forms, and self-defense techniques. Emphasis is placed on physical and mental development through active and high-energy practice sessions.