Course Descriptions

Physics Course Descriptions

PHY-designated courses qualify as Natural Science or Liberal Arts electives. All PHY course may be used to fulfill the general education science elective requirement.


Concepts of Physics - 3 Credits

This survey course introduces students to selected principles and applications of physics. While the main focus of this course is the general physical concepts (statics and dynamics), students also touch on the fundamentals of astronomy, geology, and meteorology.


Physics I - 3 Credits

This is the first part of a two-semester course series that allows students to systematically study the physical forces that shape our universe. Students pay special attention to one and two dimensional motion, work and energy, momentum, the Law of Gravity, rotational dynamics, Laws of Thermodynamics, vibrations and waves, and sound. Lecture topics are reinforced through hands-on application of theory in a laboratory environment.

Prerequisite: MAT120.

This class was previously called PHY110.


Physics I Lab - 1 Credit

This course is offered as part of PHY115 Physics I.

This class was previously called PHY110 Lab.


Physics II - 3 Credits

This laboratory course is part of a two semester sequence that helps students explore the basic tenants of physics. The focus of Physics II is on the dynamic aspects of the universe. Physics II continues with discussion about light, refraction, reflection, mirrors, lenses, optic waves, and relativity, as well as quantum, atomic, and nuclear physics.

Prerequisite: PHY 115.

This class was previously called PHY111.


Physics II Lab - 1 Credit

This course is offered as part of PHY116 Physics II.

This class was previously called PHY111 Lab.