Course Descriptions

Political Science Course Descriptions

PSC-designated courses qualify as Social Science or Liberal Arts electives.


American National Government - 3 Credits

This course provides a survey introduction to the United States governmental system at the national level. Students are introduced to the major components of the federal government as well as the system's human and legal context: the American political culture and constitutionalism.


State and Local Government - 3 Credits

This course is an introduction to non-national governmental structure in the United States. It addresses not only state and municipal institutions, but also analyzes the relationships that exist within federalism. Emphasis is given to political processes, regional differences, and the role of the public.


Comparative Government - 3 Credits

This survey focuses on a selection of major nation-states in the international arena, comparing their governmental institutions, policy decision-making processes, and political cultures. Each state is also examined for its historical background and prevailing contemporary issues of concern.


American Political Thought - 3 Credits

This course introduces students to a selection of noteworthy American political thinkers and writers in a seminar-style course. Emphasis is placed on analysis of the material in search of the essentials of American thought regarding liberty, equality, and national survival.


Constitutional Law - 3 Credits

This course is an in-depth study of the history, development and application of U.S. Constitutional Law as seen from the perspective of political science and legal studies.

Cross listed with LAW303. Prerequisites: LAW101 and PSC101.


American Foreign Policy Since 1900 - 3 Credits

This seminar-style course focuses on a chronological assessment of United States foreign policy questions since 1900. Students are introduced to both primary and secondary source materials for analysis.

Cross listed with HIS323. Prerequisite: HIS102 or HIS202.


International Relations - 3 Credits

This course examines transnational interaction, stressing two interrelated approaches: the fundamental concepts and variables related to nation-state behavior in the world arena; and an examination of current topics that dominate the international agenda.

Prerequisites: HIS102; PSC101.


Internship in Political Science 3-6 Credits

This course is an opportunity for students to experience the world of politics and government through direct participation. Internships are arranged individually and may, therefore, be served in a variety of off-campus settings, including state or local government, law practices, etc. At least ten hours of work per week at the internship site are required.

Not open to freshmen. Prerequisite: 6 credits in Political Science.

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