Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Degree


Strong program for students intending to pursue advanced studies in Psychology or related fields, or proceed directly to the workplace upon graduation.

  1. Students will demonstrate knowledge of the major concepts, empirical findings, theoretical perspectives, and historical trends in psychology.

  2. Students will utilize major concepts, research findings, and theories in psychology to explain both typical and atypical human behavior and mental processes.

  3. Students will apply research methods in psychology including research design, data analysis, and interpretation ofresults.

  4. Students will analyze a variety of assessment techniques used in psychology.

  5. Students will analyze the interdisciplinary relationship between psychology and biology in order to explain mental processes and behavior.

  6. Students will analyze the role of learning and experience in determining human behavior.

  7. Students will apply creative and critical scientific thinking to solve problems related to behavior and mental processes.

  8. Students will communicate key psychological concepts in oral and/or written formats.

  9. Students will collaborate effectively through soliciting and integrating diverse viewpoints.

  10. Students will utilize information technology to research psychological concepts.