Residence Halls

Okinaga Hall

Post University offers six residents halls of varying sizes.  Five halls are Traditional Style residence halls and are co-ed-by-floor.  All renovated halls offer individual heating and air conditioning units, tile flooring, and new, updated furniture in each room.  Each hall offers a kitchen, laundry room and spacious common areas in which students may interact with one another to create a sense of community.

  • West Hall, housing approximately 100 students, was renovated in the summer of 2011.  Its spacious lounge area features a ping pong table, large HDTV with gaming system and vending machines.  West also houses five Peer Educator Resident Assistants to help the first year students housed in this building acclimate to the college environment easier.

  • South Hall, renovated during the summer of 2012, houses approximately 60 upper classmen students.  On its lower floor, South boasts a beautiful pool table and large HDTV to facilitate a comfortable and fun common area where students can relax and bond.  South houses three Resident Assistants to provide support for its residents.

  • East Hall is one of our two buildings yet to be renovated.  Also housing approximately 60 upper classmen students, East Hall offers a more affordable option for our students, but still offers some updated amenities.  The lounge was recently updated over the 2013-2014 academic year to feature new, comfortable furniture and a large HDTV and gaming system. East Hall also houses three Resident Assistants to support its residents.

  • Middle Hall, the second of our un-renovated buildings, is one of our smallest communities, housing just 44 first year residents and two Peer Educator Resident Assistants.  Its common area, updated over the summer of 2014, features new, comfortable sofas, a vending machine, and a large, HDTV and gaming system. 

  • Paparazzo Hall, renovated over the summer of 2013, is the second of our smallest communities, also housing 44 first year students and three Peer Educator Resident Assistants.  Paparazzo Hall offers a lounge area with comfortable seating and a large HDTV and gaming system. 

  • The sixth and newest constructed residence hall, Okinaga Hall, is our upper classmen, apartment-style hall.  For an additional fee, upper classmen students can opt to live in a fully furnished suite with two, three or four single bedrooms, a common living room, a full-sized kitchen, and one or two full bathrooms.  Okinaga Hall also offers a spacious “Great Room” which offers a large HDTV, vending machines, ping pong table, and is an excellent venue for programs.  Okinaga Hall has ample washers and driers for residents to use. 

All of Post University’s Residence Halls offer the following amenities:

  • All residence hall room windows are standard size; 46” x 46”
  • All residence hall rooms have free access to cable television
  • All residence halls have free wireless access
  • All residence halls have hallway phones available for local phone calls
  • Exterior telephones are mounted on the outside of each residence hall and throughout campus for student safety
  • Well-lit parking lots are located near all buildings for student convince and safety.