Course Descriptions

Science Course Descriptions


Introduction to the Sciences - 1 Credit

This seven-week course is designed to expose students to the world of science (physics, chemistry, and biology) through classroom, laboratory, and field experiences. Students participating in this course will have the opportunity to engage in both theoretical and hands-on activities to strengthen their appreciation for and understanding of the diverse fields collectively known as “science.” Placement based on testing through Academic Advising. Unrestricted elective only.


Writing in the Sciences – 3 Credits

This course will focus on word and phrasing choice, language use (verbosity), sentence structure, and the passive voice. Students will learn the correct writing style to properly assemble and document laboratory reports, land-use permits, site assessments, and professional interviews. The final component of the class will involve learning to research peer-reviewed scientific literature, and compose a properly-cited scientific research paper.

Prerequisites: ENG110, ENG120, and COM107.