Sexual Misconduct Policy

Post University is committed to providing a learning, working and living environment that is open, supportive, and safe. As a community, this University will not tolerate sexual misconduct of any kind. Post University expressly prohibits the sexually aggressive conduct noted below, and students found engaging in it will be subject to criminal charges and prosecution under Federal and State laws, in addition to official University sanctions.

This policy informs the Post University community of our values and outlines violations of a sexual nature. This policy identifies a student’s rights, options, and resources, and describes actions individuals may take if they experience an incident of sexual misconduct, or are accused of sexual misconduct.

Post University recognizes that part of students’ development at the University may include learning and understanding themselves as sexual individuals. Post University also respects and upholds the principle that not all students find it necessary to explore their sexual nature or sexuality. Post therefore aims to provide an environment that is comfortable and respectful of all students and their choices regarding sex and their sexuality.  Understanding and applying this policy to the behavior and behavioral expectations of all members of the community helps to ensure Post’s goal of being a safe, open community regarding sexuality.  Failure to comply with this policy may result in a complaint of sexual misconduct.

Post University strives to promote an environment where mutual respect, communication, cultural competency, understanding, and awareness are the foundation for any sexual behavior or activity.  Mutual respect and communication are keys to maintaining each student’s personal integrity when engaging in sexual behavior.

Post University’s Sexual Misconduct policy can be found below and in the Student Handbook.



Reporting to University

Post University encourages students to report an incident of sexual misconduct.

You can submit an anonymous complaint online at

Your anonymous report will be sent to the University’s Title IX Coordinators:

  • Ray Lagasse 203.596.8535
  • Karin Mann 203.596.4669

You can also report the incident to Residence Life, Title IX Coordinator, Campus Safety or the Counseling Center. They will provide you with your options for filing a formal complaint and where to get support services.